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Mount Kimbie – Crooks & Lovers [2010]

July 15, 2010

Post #43 (sorry it’s been a while).  Mount Kimbie‘s first LP, Crooks & Lovers. This album is set to be released on July 19, but is available to stream this week here at FACT.  I am so excited about this album that I am posting this after only one listen through!  Mount Kimbie creates a more drawn out ambient sound than either of their previous EPs but still keep their music within arms length of a rhythmic dubstep foundation.  Drowned in Sound‘s review put it well saying [begin paraphrase] that this album sounds as if it was written as a dance album but then was pared down to be a subtle and heady record.  Thus, it requires a careful and intelligent listen, and in my opinion a loud one on good speakers.  Rock on, Kimbie.

(sorry about the robot voice from Hotflush on Carbonated, but the track was too good to leave off and there’s no clean version.)

source: fbook mount kimbie fan page


Mount Kimbie – Maybes EP / Sketch on Glass EP [2009]

December 14, 2009

Album post #17.  Mount Kimbie have released two EPs this year: Maybes and Sketch on Glass.  At first listen it’s quite obvious that the title tracks of each EP are brilliant (see first two videos below).  Out of the ordinary clicks, knocks, drips, and pops skip over thunderous echoeing chords and a catchy vocal sample in Maybes.  In Sketch on Glass, all sorts of crazy noises and jazzy lines dance around a dubstep beat and rumbling bass.  The other tracks take a little more to absorb but are well worth the effort.

Let each album soak in a few times and I think you’ll find the experience very rewarding.  Mount Kimbie paint  foreign landscapes with three-dimensional reverberations and send you to these exotic lands via the London electronic express train.  Kimbie‘s train departs from London, carrying the native dubstep to new musical territory and resulting in a most enjoyable ride if you ask me.

Here is a link to a full youtube playlist of both EPs.

source: boomkat