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Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP [2009]

December 7, 2009

Album post # 16.  Animal Collective‘s new EP, Fall Be Kind.

It is actually pretty hard to say something meaningful about Animal Collective‘s music.  Myself included, people usually love or hate what they write, probably because their creativity sometimes comes across as strange and wordy.  The alienation of lighterweight listeners seemed to vanish with their early 2009 release, Merriweather Post Pavilion.  That album was so rhythmically catchy and sonically interesting that just about everybody got on board.

Though Fall Be Kind isn’t as odd as some of AC‘s pre-post pavilion work, it may lose some merriweather fans due to its less poppy sound.  The cool rhythms and exploration of new sounds are again featured and there is plenty for the lightweights to enjoy so long as they can sit tight through the silly flutes of Graze (Track 1).

Two of the five tracks, What Would I Want Sky, which uses the first licensed Grateful Dead sample, and I Think I Can, which has some neato drums, are embedded below.  Here’s a youtube link to the full album playlist.  Also, you can stream the album for the next week on Spinner.

source: wall corn and chawsums