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E101: Beginning Electro for the Classical Musician

December 10, 2010

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Echospace – Liumin [2010]

October 24, 2010

Post #49. Liumin by Echospace.  Exotic field recordings + minimal house = Liumin.  This album begins with the track, In Echospace, an amazing sculpture of sound.  At first you hear a few voices, static, and other ambient elements that build into the sample.  You expect it to continue as most ambient tracks do, adding bit by bit but staying in simple and gentle territory, until it gets transformed into something more interesting.  Around 1 minute in these elements are crafted into gorgeous waves that become more rhythmic as the track continues.  At about 2 minutes in you notice that the waves have depth as a subtle pulsating bass enters.  At 4 you think you hear an off-beat kick-drum, but by about 5:30 you realize that you must have imagined things were getting more exciting as the track gets brought down a notch.  But as the waves of static wash seamlessly into Summer Haze, that old familiar kick-drum lands on the house 4 and the party starts.  Perfect interplay between exhausting beats and textured swells carry us to the last track, Warm, a peaceful ambient rest after over an hour of dancing.

Stream the whole album here.  The OBMX track (youtube video below) is not on this album but is an Echospace masterpiece from 2008.  For more info on Liumin‘s creation, read this review.

ALSO! Preview next week’s post, Brian EnoSmall Craft on a Milk Sea, by streaming at NPR till Nov 2.

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Pantha du Prince – This Bliss [2007]

December 28, 2009

Album post #19.  Old news for some but new and glorious for me, Pantha du Prince‘s 2007 LP, This Bliss.  For a while I’ve been looking for something similar to the minimal house of The Field and Lindström and Pantha du Prince certainly fits the bill.  A German producer named Hendrick Weber, Pantha du Prince weaves intricate subtle lines through driving yet subdued beats.  Wind chimes and bells enter and retreat, steady beats gallop, rhymic taps change by the measure, and synths or strings arch over top.  Somehow this music makes me feel as if I’m soaring over an icy landscape and at the same time it fills me with warm excitement that keeps me exploring.  Newbies like me have two months to digest this album before Pantha du Prince‘s new album Black Noise comes out in early February.  If it’s anything close to This Bliss we’re in for a treat!

This youtube playlist only gives you a sample of the album since three tracks are missing, Ulrichten, White Out, and Seeds of Sleep.  The three videos below feature my three favorite tracks from This Bliss, Asha, Saturn Strobe, and Eisbaden.  (Funny that whoever made the Eisbaden video put an ice bathing song to summer beach videos.)

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