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Future Islands – In Evening Air (2010)

May 4, 2010

Post #36. In Evening Air by Future Islands.  I haven’t liked growl singing since the days of Creed.  (Yes, it is true and horrible).  For many years after my conversion to “good” music I have listened to singers with smooth high voices, and only in the last year or two have I become open to rougher voices.  It’s easy to hear the difference between this and Stapp’s grunts, but it still took me a few listens to adjust my ear to the Future Islands singing.  Though the music drew me in, the reason I keep listening now is because of the singing.  Lead singer, Sam Herring, conveys so much emotion and seems to pour all of himself into every word.

Herring’s passion is easily visible in the video of An Apology, below.  But if you listen to one track, listen to Tin Man (free download).  The song builds up to about 2:32, where all instruments drop a bit and Herring croaks “I am the tin man.”  I could listen to him say that over and over.  This album was released today and is available to order here.  5 of the 9 songs are on this youtube playlist.

source: jmac


Washed Out – Life of Leisure EP [2009]

September 21, 2009

Album Post #5.  Life of Leisure by Washed Out released last week.  Washed Out is Ernest Greene, a 20-something living at his parents’ house that produced these dreamy tracks in just a few months.  Yes, I envy.  Apparently it was not Greene’s intention to have his pseudonym describe the sound of the music, but it does.  The tracks sound faded, which gives them a nostalgic feeling.  You are taken to a make-believe summer; Washed Out’s cassettes are on repeat  and you can’t stop dreaming of that first crush.  I woke up realizing that I had nearly worn out the mp3s.  Pace yourself.

I have some downloads for this one.  Here are 3 free downloads from Life of Leisure (right click and save link as…): Hold Out, Feel It All Around, and You’ll See It.  (The EP is definitely worth purchasing at only $5.50.)  And here are 2 other downloads not on the album: Belong (my favorite) and Luck.

I searched for as many Washed Out songs that I could find on youtube and put together this playlist with 4 of the 6 songs from the EP (not all the same as the downloads) and the single Belong.  And below I have included the most popular song, Feel It All Around, and Belong.

source: mbridi