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E101: Beginning Electro for the Classical Musician

December 10, 2010

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Balam Acab – See Birds EP [2010]

August 29, 2010

Post #46. See Birds EP by witch house artist Balam Acab. Balam Acab is definitely my favorite creator of witch house, a relatively new electronic genre that’s frightening, creepy, and freaking sweet.  I credit Karin Andersson’s work as Fever Ray with the origin of this slow, haunting, and intentionally large music; though in contrast to her work, witch house tends to be lo-fi.

Balam Acab isn’t just creepy, there are also brilliant atmospheric touches to this music.  Here’s what Balam wants: “fear, nostalgia, bliss, sadness, euphoria, beauty, peace, dreams, loneliness, longing, a removal of all the layers that aren’t until the one which is has been found, i want you to get lost…”

Your favorite will be the super slow groove title track See Birds (Moon), but make sure you dive into Regret Making Mistakes and let the shuttering beats and voices echo through your head.  Both tracks are free downloads from pitchfork (below), but the other three tracks are also good.  Here’s a youtube playlist with 4 of the 5 tracks.

Free Downloads: See Birds (Moon) and Regret Making Mistakes (right click, save as)

And here’s a witch house bonus track: the ridiculously large perversion of O Holy Night – King Night by Salem

source: pfork


Clubroot – II: MMX [2010]

June 4, 2010

Post #40. Clubroot‘s second LP, II: MMX. Clubroot makes deep end dubstep with ambient elements similar to Burial, though a bit more true to the dubstep and grime genre.  This type of dubstep has been called “post rave,” as it is feels very contemplative and inward focused.  The heavy beats from last night bounce through your mind and the voices of past lovers echo and fade as you try to forget and remember at the same time.

I must have played the first two tracks of this album over 50 times in the last two weeks (see first 2 videos below).  Both tracks are woven together by a gorgeous flute line which is mostly unedited besides a trailing reverb.  The unprocessed sound of the flute distinguishes it from the rest of the music and every time it reenters the song it washes over the other sounds and pulls at my emotions.  The rest of the album is more typical low end ambient dubstep, with Clubroot‘s signature stuttering skitterng synths and chopped up vocals (see physicality video below).  The whole thing is tied together very well and I highly encourage a full and thoughtful listen with good headphones or nice speakers.

Listen to the whole album on this youtube playlist.

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Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma [2010]

April 29, 2010

Post #35.  Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus.  I don’t expect everyone to like FlyLo.  His beats are complicated, choppy, and craaazy.  This album, which comes out next Tuesday, might even be the most difficult of his 3 LPs to get into right off the bat.  I didn’t even like the album much until I got to track 10, Do the Astral Plane, which is simply phenomenal.  After a couple of listens I really began to appreciate the way the album unfolds and I can anticipate where beats get chopped up and drop off.

Stream the entire album now on FlyLo’s Myspace (the songs in the player up through Galaxy in Janaki).  Believe it or not, Do the Astral Plane is my favorite on the album despite the Thom Yorke collab … And the World Laughs with You.

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Scuba – Triangulation [2010]

March 30, 2010

Post #32. ScubaTriangulation.  Electro novice Sasha says, “It sounds like we’re underwater. Who is this?”  This is Scuba.  Paul Rose’s second LP as Scuba is a brilliant progression for dubstep in that it flows with liquidity while remaining great dance music.  It is in fact characterized by a general aquatic sound.  Song climaxes are preceeded by pressurized lulls and break the surface with an added level of energy.  By submerging his themes before they are fully realized, Rose creates anticipation that makes his music interesting and exciting. 

Full youtube playlist here. No earbuds allowed! You must feel the bass.  Tracers is my favorite (just wait for 1:40).

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Joy Orbison (2009)

December 22, 2009

Album post # 18.  Strike that.  Artist post #18.  British producer Peter O’Grady  has released a number of remixes and two two-song EPs as Joy Orbison this year.  The first time I heard Joy Orbison I felt 10x cooler than I had before.  This is the dance side of dubstep, and though I don’t know how to dance to it I can never stay still when I listen to it.  I’m pretty sure it’ll do the same to you.

As great as the tracks are that have been released already, this post is intended to tell you to expect big things from this guy in the near future.  He’s only 22 and has the electronic music world watching his every move.  Here’s a youtube playlist of singles, mixes, and remixes.  The standout is the two-song EP Hyph Mingo/Wet Look, both tracks of which I have included below.  Also, check out the trippy Mickey Mouse parade video to a clip of BRKLN CLLN below.

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Mount Kimbie – Maybes EP / Sketch on Glass EP [2009]

December 14, 2009

Album post #17.  Mount Kimbie have released two EPs this year: Maybes and Sketch on Glass.  At first listen it’s quite obvious that the title tracks of each EP are brilliant (see first two videos below).  Out of the ordinary clicks, knocks, drips, and pops skip over thunderous echoeing chords and a catchy vocal sample in Maybes.  In Sketch on Glass, all sorts of crazy noises and jazzy lines dance around a dubstep beat and rumbling bass.  The other tracks take a little more to absorb but are well worth the effort.

Let each album soak in a few times and I think you’ll find the experience very rewarding.  Mount Kimbie paint  foreign landscapes with three-dimensional reverberations and send you to these exotic lands via the London electronic express train.  Kimbie‘s train departs from London, carrying the native dubstep to new musical territory and resulting in a most enjoyable ride if you ask me.

Here is a link to a full youtube playlist of both EPs.

source: boomkat