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Beach House – Teen Dream [2010]

January 26, 2010

Album post #23.  Teen Dream by Beach House.  I wish I could say that I was a big fan from the beginning, but I can’t.  Though I’ve always felt that I should spend some time with them, both of Beach House‘s previous albums just didn’t draw me in.  Teen Dream, however, has made me a fan.  Dreamy organs and warm guitar played over simple steady drum beats provide singer Victoria Legrand the opportunity to stretch and push her unique voice in ways that pull at my heart.  Very little music has felt this intimate right from the start.  This album feels fuller and Legrand’s voice sounds stronger on it, but now after falling in love with them I am excited to go back and explore their other two albums (and also to see them @ Paradise Rock Club in March!).

Stream the entire album for this week at Spinner here.  I also put together a full youtube playlist here (though the version of Used to Be is an older cut).  There isn’t a dull song on this album, but I’ve included three super good tracks below: Silver Soul (which almost makes me cry every time I listen to it), Norway, and Take Care.

source: dataless