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Phosphorescent – Here’s to Taking it Easy [2010]

May 14, 2010

Post #38. This is the album I have been waiting for most in 2010.  Phosphorescent‘s fifth LP, Here’s to Taking it Easy, follows the styling of his last, To Willie, a tribute album of Willie Nelson songs and songs popularized by him.  Yep, this is country, but it’s honest country.

Matthew Houck is the most sincere artist I have ever seen perform a song.  As he shares his downtrodden spirit in songs about lost love and divorce, he sings with the conviction of a street corner preacher and speaks to the heart of everyone in the room.  There’s just nothing like seeing him live.

Stream the album for a few more days at Spinner.  Please be sure to listen to Hej, Me I’m Light.  That track is the most like the haunting folk sound of his magnificent album Pride.

(live video of Permanently Lonely from To Willie)

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