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Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner [2010]

September 21, 2010

Post #47.  Gold Panda‘s debut LP Lucky Shiner. Gold Panda, a super humble guy named Derwin, spoke with me about music and other artists we like after his fantastic opening set for Health earlier this year.  When I asked if he’s been palling around with Mount Kimbie, James Blake, and Joy Orbison he laughed it off saying he’s not even a musician and is way out of their league.  I’m not sure he can be so humble after releasing Lucky Shiner, which displays incredible musicianship and easily puts him in the ranks of the top new British producers.

What’s great about this album is its balance between depth and immediacy.  Thoughtful melodic tracks flow seamlessly out of catchy “bangers” (sorry Derwin, they really do make my head bob).  Soft rhythms keep the melodic tracks flowing while elegant phrasing and structuring keep the jams from wearing out after a few listens.  Despite their previous release on the You EP, Derwin cleverly included You and Before We Met on Lucky Shiner in a way that only adds to the album’s cohesiveness; and rather than sounding recycled, they feel completely new in this context.

Stream the whole album here (also a free dl of Snow & Taxis) and buy it for only $8 here!

free downloads from pfork: Same Dream China and a non-Lucky Shiner track Quitters Raga and a Gold Panda remix of The Field‘s I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet

source: pfork, Derwin


DERU – Say Goodbye to Useless [2010]

May 19, 2010

Post #39.  DERU is Benjamin Wynn of LA.  Say Goodbye to Useless is his recently released third LP.  Wynn samples and reworks sections of old music and frames them with clever electronic production.  Though there are stretches of brilliant ambience, this album is very kinetic and beat heavy.  It seemed to fit the rainy day today as it leans pretty heavily on darker tones.  Check out the first video below to hear Wynn talk a little about how he visualizes and creates his music.

Stream the album at Mush Records.  (You can also download it there for $7.)  This youtube playlist has 7 of the 11 tracks.  Make sure to watch the video to Goodbye.  It is a fan video and quite impressive.

source: dataless