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The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa [2009]

October 13, 2009


Album Post #8. The Very Best‘s debut LP Warm Heart of Africa.  The Very Best is the name of the collaborative effort of Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit, who also team up with big names Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend and M.I.A. for a couple tracks on this record.  I don’t have much to say about this electronic-laced Malawian music besides, listen to it – it rocks.

In addition to my tardiness this week, I have had trouble finding the whole album on youtube.  This playlist has 6 of the 13 songs and I have posted a few below.  Unfortunately, my favorite tracks, Chalo, Angonde, Mfumu,  and Ntende Uli are not on the playlist so you may have to do some digging of your own.

source: bsmith and jmac