Balam Acab – See Birds EP [2010]

August 29, 2010

Post #46. See Birds EP by witch house artist Balam Acab. Balam Acab is definitely my favorite creator of witch house, a relatively new electronic genre that’s frightening, creepy, and freaking sweet.  I credit Karin Andersson’s work as Fever Ray with the origin of this slow, haunting, and intentionally large music; though in contrast to her work, witch house tends to be lo-fi.

Balam Acab isn’t just creepy, there are also brilliant atmospheric touches to this music.  Here’s what Balam wants: “fear, nostalgia, bliss, sadness, euphoria, beauty, peace, dreams, loneliness, longing, a removal of all the layers that aren’t until the one which is has been found, i want you to get lost…”

Your favorite will be the super slow groove title track See Birds (Moon), but make sure you dive into Regret Making Mistakes and let the shuttering beats and voices echo through your head.  Both tracks are free downloads from pitchfork (below), but the other three tracks are also good.  Here’s a youtube playlist with 4 of the 5 tracks.

Free Downloads: See Birds (Moon) and Regret Making Mistakes (right click, save as)

And here’s a witch house bonus track: the ridiculously large perversion of O Holy Night – King Night by Salem

source: pfork



  1. Witch House?

    This album is awesome….
    Sounds like it’s a little bit influenced by dubstep too

  2. I hate this sub-genre name so so much, however, this album is the goods. He’s so young!

  3. I like!

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