Scuba – Triangulation [2010]

March 30, 2010

Post #32. ScubaTriangulation.  Electro novice Sasha says, “It sounds like we’re underwater. Who is this?”  This is Scuba.  Paul Rose’s second LP as Scuba is a brilliant progression for dubstep in that it flows with liquidity while remaining great dance music.  It is in fact characterized by a general aquatic sound.  Song climaxes are preceeded by pressurized lulls and break the surface with an added level of energy.  By submerging his themes before they are fully realized, Rose creates anticipation that makes his music interesting and exciting. 

Full youtube playlist here. No earbuds allowed! You must feel the bass.  Tracers is my favorite (just wait for 1:40).

source: dataless



  1. COOOL. Do you know of any decent dubstep mix CDs? Ya know, where all the songs are mixed together….

    • The Five Years of Hyperdub album is pretty good. http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/13614-5-five-years-of-hyperdub/
      Also, all of the Joy Orbison mixes are fantastic.

      • Thanks. I’ll check that out. Nice blog by the way, it has been my main goto for new music for a while now 🙂

  2. […] 4. Scuba – Triangulation […]

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