Hot Chip – One Life Stand [2010]

February 8, 2010

Album post #25. Hot Chip‘s fourth LP, One Life Stand, released tomorrow.  Hot Chip are some self-assumed badass white boys from Britain who love keyboards, synths, and slick beats.  They write love songs about alley cats and bass driven Escalade cruising tunes but never seem to let their pervasive humor detract from their music’s appeal.  At least not for me, even as don’t care too much for humor in music.  It seems that their goal, rather than to be jokesters, is to create fun music and show themselves through it, coke bottle lenses and all.

The first four tracks of this album are awesome!  Listen to the complete album on this youtube playlist or at Spinner for the week.  Hint: to achieve maximum enjoyment of I Feel Better, ignore the auto-tuner part in the beginning for the first few listens.  It grows on you even though you may roll your eyes at another auto-tuned voice.  The beat to that song is so fun.

source: dataless



  1. mmm alley cats

  2. mmm hot chip. did you hear the griz cover aaaannnd i was a boy from schooooool? it’s so good.

    • yeah, it’s really good. they outdid me quite a bit, but at least i covered it first =p

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