Joy Orbison (2009)

December 22, 2009

Album post # 18.  Strike that.  Artist post #18.  British producer Peter O’Grady  has released a number of remixes and two two-song EPs as Joy Orbison this year.  The first time I heard Joy Orbison I felt 10x cooler than I had before.  This is the dance side of dubstep, and though I don’t know how to dance to it I can never stay still when I listen to it.  I’m pretty sure it’ll do the same to you.

As great as the tracks are that have been released already, this post is intended to tell you to expect big things from this guy in the near future.  He’s only 22 and has the electronic music world watching his every move.  Here’s a youtube playlist of singles, mixes, and remixes.  The standout is the two-song EP Hyph Mingo/Wet Look, both tracks of which I have included below.  Also, check out the trippy Mickey Mouse parade video to a clip of BRKLN CLLN below.

source: dataless


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