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Pantha du Prince – This Bliss [2007]

December 28, 2009

Album post #19.  Old news for some but new and glorious for me, Pantha du Prince‘s 2007 LP, This Bliss.  For a while I’ve been looking for something similar to the minimal house of The Field and Lindström and Pantha du Prince certainly fits the bill.  A German producer named Hendrick Weber, Pantha du Prince weaves intricate subtle lines through driving yet subdued beats.  Wind chimes and bells enter and retreat, steady beats gallop, rhymic taps change by the measure, and synths or strings arch over top.  Somehow this music makes me feel as if I’m soaring over an icy landscape and at the same time it fills me with warm excitement that keeps me exploring.  Newbies like me have two months to digest this album before Pantha du Prince‘s new album Black Noise comes out in early February.  If it’s anything close to This Bliss we’re in for a treat!

This youtube playlist only gives you a sample of the album since three tracks are missing, Ulrichten, White Out, and Seeds of Sleep.  The three videos below feature my three favorite tracks from This Bliss, Asha, Saturn Strobe, and Eisbaden.  (Funny that whoever made the Eisbaden video put an ice bathing song to summer beach videos.)

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Joy Orbison (2009)

December 22, 2009

Album post # 18.  Strike that.  Artist post #18.  British producer Peter O’Grady  has released a number of remixes and two two-song EPs as Joy Orbison this year.  The first time I heard Joy Orbison I felt 10x cooler than I had before.  This is the dance side of dubstep, and though I don’t know how to dance to it I can never stay still when I listen to it.  I’m pretty sure it’ll do the same to you.

As great as the tracks are that have been released already, this post is intended to tell you to expect big things from this guy in the near future.  He’s only 22 and has the electronic music world watching his every move.  Here’s a youtube playlist of singles, mixes, and remixes.  The standout is the two-song EP Hyph Mingo/Wet Look, both tracks of which I have included below.  Also, check out the trippy Mickey Mouse parade video to a clip of BRKLN CLLN below.

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Mount Kimbie – Maybes EP / Sketch on Glass EP [2009]

December 14, 2009

Album post #17.  Mount Kimbie have released two EPs this year: Maybes and Sketch on Glass.  At first listen it’s quite obvious that the title tracks of each EP are brilliant (see first two videos below).  Out of the ordinary clicks, knocks, drips, and pops skip over thunderous echoeing chords and a catchy vocal sample in Maybes.  In Sketch on Glass, all sorts of crazy noises and jazzy lines dance around a dubstep beat and rumbling bass.  The other tracks take a little more to absorb but are well worth the effort.

Let each album soak in a few times and I think you’ll find the experience very rewarding.  Mount Kimbie paint  foreign landscapes with three-dimensional reverberations and send you to these exotic lands via the London electronic express train.  Kimbie‘s train departs from London, carrying the native dubstep to new musical territory and resulting in a most enjoyable ride if you ask me.

Here is a link to a full youtube playlist of both EPs.

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Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind EP [2009]

December 7, 2009

Album post # 16.  Animal Collective‘s new EP, Fall Be Kind.

It is actually pretty hard to say something meaningful about Animal Collective‘s music.  Myself included, people usually love or hate what they write, probably because their creativity sometimes comes across as strange and wordy.  The alienation of lighterweight listeners seemed to vanish with their early 2009 release, Merriweather Post Pavilion.  That album was so rhythmically catchy and sonically interesting that just about everybody got on board.

Though Fall Be Kind isn’t as odd as some of AC‘s pre-post pavilion work, it may lose some merriweather fans due to its less poppy sound.  The cool rhythms and exploration of new sounds are again featured and there is plenty for the lightweights to enjoy so long as they can sit tight through the silly flutes of Graze (Track 1).

Two of the five tracks, What Would I Want Sky, which uses the first licensed Grateful Dead sample, and I Think I Can, which has some neato drums, are embedded below.  Here’s a youtube link to the full album playlist.  Also, you can stream the album for the next week on Spinner.

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Florence + the Machine – Lungs [2009]

December 1, 2009

Album post #15.  Though I am not certain of this, it seems that Florence + the Machine‘s debut album was named for its defining feature – Florence Welch’s voice.  She’s got Lungs.

What separates Florence’s music from other pop singers with strong pipes is the way her songs are arranged.  Rather than making simple music to show off her voice, whoever The Machine is has orchestrated these songs to complement Florence’s voice with the appropriate fullness and subtlety for which each piece demands.

Listen to the whole album on this youtube playlist.  Three of my favorite songs are below: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Howl, and Cosmic Love.  Florence’s voice is breathtaking on Cosmic Love.

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