The Flaming Lips – Embryonic [2009]

November 9, 2009


Album post #12.  I, like many others, lost faith in The Flaming Lips.  I wondered whether their creative momentum had been built up through their first 9 albums for the sole purpose of spending it all in the crafting of their most magnificent 10th album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, of 2002.  Despite its sweet title, 2006’s At War with the Mystics was a sour rehash with bland repetitous lyrics and flagrantly loud production.  I had spit out the Lips and expected nothing tasteful to come from them again.

I was horribly wrong.  Wayne Coyne and his pals released their 12th album, Embryonic, on October 13, 2009 and it is marvelous.  At 18 songs and 70 minutes, I am still digesting, but appreciating it more and more.  Though I see the title relating to a rebirth for the Lips, it also parallels a return to the more psychedelic rock sound of their fetal stage compared to the radio-friendly singles of The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi.

It’s really hard to pick favorites on this album.  It’s worth setting aside some time to listen to the whole thing on this youtube playlist.

source: dataless/willod



  1. you’re lame.

  2. what grade do you give this professor?

    • A 94.5

  3. This album is Awesooooommmeeee
    fo scho

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