Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport [2009]

November 2, 2009


Album post #11.  Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons.  If you ever need music to listen to while working, driving someplace new, or single-handedly saving the universe you now have it.  This two-piece British group uses elements of electronic minimalism, post rock, and noise rock to form something frightening and uplifting.  Simple cyclic themes, drawn out riffs and phrases, distorted screams, and driving rythms gain momentum throughout the album and become more energetic the more you listen.

This youtube playlist has 6 of the 7 tracks (missing Track 5 – Phantom Limb).  The intro track, Surf Solar, and my favorite track, Olympians, are included below.  If you enjoy this, be sure to check out their debut from last year, Street Horrrsing.  It has a bit more of a raw sound, but magnificent as well. (There’s even some phasing for Kal.)

source: adunn/dataless



  1. yay for phasing

    yes, yay

    thanks, srk

  2. ps never had to hide itunes from my mommy before

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