De Juepuchas! – Ser de Juepuchas por Varios Años [2009]

October 26, 2009

de juepuchas - Ser De Juepuchas por Varios Años

Album post #10.  Ser de Juepuchas por Varios Años by De Juepuchas!, a solo project of Colombian Diego Maldonado.  In Maldonado’s words, “the project kind of resembles Girl Talk, The Avalanches, Daft Punk, Plastilina Mosh, M.I.S…”  Indeed, this is the closest record I’ve found to The Avalanches‘ magnificent album, Since I Left You.  The Avalanches and De Juepuchas! sample bits from songs, movies, and radio and combine them to create entirely new music – a sort of musical pointillism (though maybe it’s closer to a photomosaic or collage). 

All 19 tracks of Ser de Juepuchas… flow together seemlessly, though sometimes with surprising transitions (e.g. toilet flush).  For this album you should have no excuse not to listen to it as a whole.  Someone was kind enough to upload all of the tracks to youtube and form a playlist.  The BEST NEWS is that De Juepuchas! posted a FREE DOWNLOAD of the entire album (link found on their myspace page).  To stay with the format of my previous posts I have included some of the album highlights below.  My personal favorite section is tracks 10-12.

P.S. 10 points if you can find a sample from the Macarana.

P.P.S. I don’t speak Spanish.  Someone please translate the title for me. 

source: dataless



  1. In spanish, for saying son of a bitch you say hijo de puta and sounds very rude. Instead, colombians say juepucha which is a “polite” way to swear, its a multiclass, multigender, multiage word. A colombian word.

  2. Nice album!

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