Sufjan Stevens – The BQE [2009]

October 19, 2009


Album post #9. The BQE by Sufjan Stevensreleased tomorrow.  When will Sufjan get it?  We hipsters just want more Chicago!  Or something catchy or cute (like Christmas album #172) that we can shout at him when he plays for the first time in Portland, Maine the other weekend.  We don’t care about his new electronic or abstract music.  We’re drunk and flanneled and want to sing along!  “FREEBIRD! PLAY FREEBIRD!!”  What asses.

Well Sufjan’s orchestral suite about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is sure to lose their interest as well.  That is, of course, unless they shoot up and watch the accompanying original film by Sufjan, which features shots of BQE traffic and The Hooper Heroes (see videos below).  In fact, I bet we’ll see plenty of Hooper Hero Hipsters this Halloween. 

The BQE is intended as a mixed-media piece in which the audio and visual complement each other; however, the music is plenty strong on its own.  I suggest listening while driving since that is the theme afterall.  Do be sure to find a way to listen to Movement I – In the Countenance of Kings.  It is truly a moving piece and unfortunately I could not find a youtube link for it.  (see hint below).  For a short while you can listen to all of Sufjan’s BQE on spinner.

source: dataless and skallygren

hint: An easy way to listen to ANY full album 1x through is to get a lala account.  Another good place to listen to some quality albums is spinner, but each is only up for a couple weeks.


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