Passion Pit – Manners [2009]

August 30, 2009


Album post #2. Manners of 2009 by Passion Pit.  This post is for what little is left of summer.  Passion Pit makes me feel young, carefree, and at times, sun-poisoned (you’ll understand after a few listens).  Lead singer Angelakos’ voice will grab many at first listen, but it has the potential to turn away those who are skeptical that a shrill pre-pubescent voice exiting a bearded face is capable of conveying anything other than pretentious blather, let alone genuine emotion.  (Can you tell I used to be a skeptic?) Though I’d rather not, I’m going to quote Pitchfork on this. “[T]hough Angelakos sings in a manner rarely heard outside of a shower with unpredictable temperature control, it feels symbolic of a band that’s completely unashamed, not shameless, in its pursuit of a human connection.”  They got it right; and this musical honesty is what separates Passion Pit from the likes of Mika.

Note the major takeaway, this album is loads of fun.  Snag it and enjoy the electro-pop synth riffs and new-disco beats with your friends as the summer winds down.   I’ve included videos for two of my favorites from the album, Sleepyhead (everyone’s favorite) and Folds in Your Hands.

source: hil



  1. I dig it. I also am a fan of the lemur picture that shows up as the symbol for the site. Did you choose that?

    • Actually, they had me complete a Myers-Briggs test and selected the icon to fit my personanimality.

  2. As I suspected.

  3. Lovin this site. Great idea with the youtube embeds.

  4. ❤ passion pit! moth's wings is my ZOMGTHISISAMAZING track on this album. i like this blog!

  5. I can’t get enough of them! I like this blog:)

  6. […] to music with a Sheng or Gudugudu.  Artists that have cool stories to accompany their music (like Passion Pit getting a record deal when lead singer Agelakos’ songs written for his girlfriend for Valentines […]

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