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Passion Pit – Manners [2009]

August 30, 2009


Album post #2. Manners of 2009 by Passion Pit.  This post is for what little is left of summer.  Passion Pit makes me feel young, carefree, and at times, sun-poisoned (you’ll understand after a few listens).  Lead singer Angelakos’ voice will grab many at first listen, but it has the potential to turn away those who are skeptical that a shrill pre-pubescent voice exiting a bearded face is capable of conveying anything other than pretentious blather, let alone genuine emotion.  (Can you tell I used to be a skeptic?) Though I’d rather not, I’m going to quote Pitchfork on this. “[T]hough Angelakos sings in a manner rarely heard outside of a shower with unpredictable temperature control, it feels symbolic of a band that’s completely unashamed, not shameless, in its pursuit of a human connection.”  They got it right; and this musical honesty is what separates Passion Pit from the likes of Mika.

Note the major takeaway, this album is loads of fun.  Snag it and enjoy the electro-pop synth riffs and new-disco beats with your friends as the summer winds down.   I’ve included videos for two of my favorites from the album, Sleepyhead (everyone’s favorite) and Folds in Your Hands.

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Firekites – The Bowery [2008]

August 26, 2009


The first album I’d like to feature is The Bowery by Firekites of 2008. One of the features of this album is its marevelous acoustic craft. Note the subtle airy reverb on the vocals, the soft and echoey drum tones, and the haunting sound of the weaving guitar lines. The single Autumn Story only provides a glimpse of this album’s beauty.

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new album every monday

August 26, 2009

I hope to share some of what I am listening to lately. My goal is to feature an album a week with links to songs on the album throughout the week. This idea is inspired in part by Talbot’s “a poem a day” website and by the need to consolidate all of the links I have been sending my friends. Some of the artists will be fairly obscure so please let me know if you need assistance tracking down an album.
-Professor Keanbean